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Sabtu, 09 September 2023

Maseta Wraps Up the Month With Brand New Single Agustus Lagi


Loetju.idEast Jakarta based singer-songwriter, Maseta concludes August 2023 by releasing an upbeat single titled “Agustus Lagi”.  Inspired by his very own love life, “Agustus Lagi” becomes a celebratory tune about going full circle with his significant other; an anniversary. The single acts as his diary of conflicts, pleasures, and lessons gained from his romantic relationship. 

Following the rollout of “Odp” in July, Maseta will compile released singles into a debut album delivered fully in Bahasa Indonesia. Previously, Maseta has had 2 EP’s released, Maseta (2019) and Perfect Weather (2020), while also being involved in Sun Eater’s Sounds Cute, Might Delete Later with “Takjil” (2021). Aside from self-producing his music, Maseta took on the role as music director in a theater production “Mulang Ka Asal” by PPIA Victoria earlier this year. 

A personal touch in his writing facilitates Maseta to bring along his listeners into the dynamics of his relationship. The line “konflik dihadang berdua, gantian cari perkara, besok juga baik-baik saja” towards the end of the chorus, implies the occasionally tumultuous nature of his relationship. The stories that are adapted into his lyrics are simple, but very close to everyday occurrences, e.g., ‘accidentally’ leaving a belonging as an excuse to see each other the next day, being drained after walking  long distance under the scorching sun, and counting days to finally  see a darling. 

Unlike the laid back mood that are felt in the previous releases, “Agustus Lagi” is coloured by synthesizers sounds and powerful drum hits that accommodates the sanguine and anthemic song. ”I wanted to diversify the moods of my songs, to suit the phases that I’ve gone through in my life. I want to perfectly capture every ups and downs of my day  and like any other adolescent, I’m barely settling.” he stated. Aligned with the themed carried in “Agustus Lagi”, Maseta visualizes his thrilling  juvenile love journey through the uptempo number. “I imagined a couple running around happily, ignoring all burdens and just happy to have each other’s company,” he added.  “Agustus Lagi” is available on all digital streaming platform on 30 August 2023. 

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