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Rabu, 20 Maret 2024

A Glimpse Of My Academic Venture In Universiti Malaya - Sitting here today, being awarded with one of the most prestigious mobility awards this country has to offer – the IISMA (Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards) program – has been a rewarding experience filled with excellence qualities of the academic and non-academic aspects throughout our study. I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity of scholarship towards one of the most competitive and prestigious universities in Asia, Universiti Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As a communication science student from Universitas Diponegoro in Semarang, Indonesia, being able to study in UM has been beneficial towards my academic venture and my international relations expansion.

A little background on the IISMA program, IISMA is a brainchild of the Indonesian government (Kementerian Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset, dan Teknologi), empowers undergraduate and vocational students to embark on a life-changing semester abroad. This scholarship program unlocks the doors to top universities and esteemed international institutions, propelling students towards a future brimming with global connections and personal growth.

In my opinion, the main advantages that students will receive being awarded with IISMA are the following:

• Sharpen your Skills: IISMA ignites your potential by honing your academic prowess and nurturing valuable skills like critical thinking and collaboration through diverse teaching methodologies.

• Broaden your Horizons: Transcend the familiar and embrace a global perspective. Immerse yourself in a vibrant cultural tapestry, fostering empathy and understanding for diverse communities.

• Forge Lasting Connections: Build a network of international peers and industry professionals, laying the foundation for lifelong friendships and future career opportunities.

• Investing in Your Future: IISMA meticulously selects outstanding students based on academic excellence, strong English language proficiency, and a burning desire to explore the world. This prestigious scholarship covers the entire cost of tuition, living expenses, and travel, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience.

As an IISMA awardee at Universiti Malaya, the experience holds immense value for a Communication Science student in Indonesia. Universiti Malaya boasts advanced lecturers and top-notch lecture materials, facilitating a conducive learning environment. Engaging with a diverse international community enhances cross-cultural communication skills, providing a unique perspective crucial for communication professionals. Networking with high-level
students and professors offers opportunities for future collaborations and career advancement. Active participation in volunteering activities, such as the Chowkit Volunteering Activity, River Cleanup, and others, demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility, a key attribute for professionals in the communication field. The role of mentoring future IISMA awardees showcases leadership skills, aligning with the collaborative nature of communication work.
Introducing Indonesian culture to international friends fosters global communication competence, a vital skill in today's interconnected world. Learning from high-level lecturers at Universiti Malaya ensures a quality education that goes beyond theoretical knowledge, enhancing critical thinking and research skills. Engaging with students from diverse academic backgrounds provides multidisciplinary insights, enriching the understanding of communication's intersection with other fields. Involvement in sports activities contributes to holistic personal development, preparing the student for the dynamic and multifaceted nature of the communication profession. Overall, the IISMA scholarship experience at Universiti Malaya equips the Communication Science student with a well-rounded skill set and global perspective essential for success in their future endeavors.

Students were also given the opportunity to partake with various of extracurricular activities ranging from sports such as Basketball, Football, and Tennis, to language classes etc. During the exchange period, several of my friends and myself were involved within sports activities, mainly basketball, that were involved with local basketball player-student in the University. For basketball, it was conducted everyday in various of different courts in-campus, I mostly play in Kolej Kediaman ke-12 and ke-5’s courts (dormitory) and also the varsity court. I play around 4-5 times a week, having fun while also maintain our physical and psychological condition in a contact and high IQ sports.

Regarding the living situation in Malaysia, the university's proximity to the heart of Kuala Lumpur provides easy access to various modes of transportation such as buses, LRT, MRT, and online taxis. This proves beneficial for students, enabling the use of affordable public transportation to reach desired destinations on and off-campus within the Kuala Lumpur area.

While Malaysians and Indonesians share a fundamental understanding, linguistic and cultural challenges persist between the two. The diverse linguistic landscape of Malaysia, incorporating Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil, Arabic, and numerous indigenous languages, might surprise Indonesian students accustomed to a primarily Indonesian language
environment. This linguistic variety mirrors the multifaceted nature of Malaysian society, emphasizing the pivotal role of language in preserving the nation's unique cultural identities. Fortunately, we were fortunate to have Indonesian and local Malaysian friends who guided us through the living culture and any other cultural barriers, facilitating our integration into society.

What particularly impressed me is Malaysia's multicultural fusion, showcasing the harmonious blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arabs, and indigenous cultures. The ethnic amalgamation in Malaysia offers an exciting and eye-opening experience for Indonesian exchange students, from a plethora of gourmet options to the multitude of religious customs and observed festivals. I found it particularly striking how Chinese and Indian culture prominently intertwines with Malay culture in Malaysia, manifesting in various aspects such as language, traditional rituals, and especially in the realm of culinary traditions. This fusion creates a distinct cultural identity separate from Indonesia's predominantly Malay culture. Malaysian cuisine, with its rich and diversified offerings inspired by various cultural traditions, is sure to astonish Indonesian students with its unique flavors, spices, and culinary techniques. Exploring dishes in Malaysia becomes a joyful and unexpected experience, exemplifying the convergence of numerous culinary traditions within the vibrant tapestry of Malaysian culture.

Additionally, students had opportunities to explore Malaysia and other countries. Personally, I visited Malacca, Genting Highlands, and Hat Yai in Thailand. Some of my friends explored places like Penang, Cameron Highlands, Langkawi, and other countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. IISMA is not only an opportunity to advance oneself within academic and non- academic ventures but also offers opportunities to explore tourist attractions, other cities, and even other countries.

Receiving the prestigious IISMA scholarship to study at Universiti Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has been a transformative and enriching experience. As a Communication Science student from Universitas Diponegoro, the opportunity to learn from advanced lecturers and engage with a diverse international community has significantly enhanced my academic and interpersonal skills. The IISMA program, a commendable initiative by the Indonesian government, not only facilitates global exposure but also offers a holistic learning experience by covering tuition, living expenses, and travel costs. Universiti Malaya's strategic location in Kuala Lumpur provides easy access to various modes of transportation, facilitating students'
mobility both on and off-campus. The multicultural fusion in Malaysia, combining Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arab, and indigenous cultures, has broadened my cultural perspective and enriched my understanding of global dynamics. I am grateful for the support and opportunities provided by the IISMA program, which has not only sharpened my academic prowess but also fostered lasting connections and personal growth. The experience will undoubtedly contribute to my future endeavors in the field of Communication Science.

Muhammad Zidan Ramadhan Putra 
Communication Science
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mahasiswa Undip Memperkenalkan Keindahan Tari Gambyong dalam International Students Cultural Showcase - Semarang, Indonesia – Sebagai peserta program pertukaran pelajar Indonesia International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA), Ancilla Andrea, seorang mahasiswi dari Universitas Diponegoro (UNDIP), telah berpartisipasi dalam acara International Students Cultural Showcase yang diadakan pada tanggal 12 Oktober 2023 di Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Dalam acara yang mempertemukan seluruh mahasiswa dari berbagai negara, Ancilla memperkenalkan keindahan dan keunikan budaya Indonesia melalui pertunjukan Tari Gambyong. Dalam panggung internasional ini, Tari Gambyong menjadi sorotan utama, menarik perhatian para penonton dengan keindahan gerakannya dan kekuatan ekspresinya.

Ancilla, sebagai perwakilan mahasiswa Indonesia, dengan bangga mempersembahkan warisan budaya yang kaya dari tanah airnya. Tari Gambyong, sebuah tarian tradisional yang berasal dari Surakarta, telah menjadi bagian integral dari warisan budaya Indonesia. Dengan gerakan yang dinamis dan ritme yang menghentak, tarian ini tidak hanya menghibur, tetapi juga memperkenalkan keindahan dan kekayaan budaya Indonesia kepada dunia. Dengan setiap gerakannya, Ancilla dan keempat mahasiswi lainnya berhasil menghadirkan nuansa keaslian dan kekuatan dari Tari Gambyong, memukau hati para penonton dan meninggalkan kesan yang mendalam.

Persiapan Ancilla untuk pertunjukan ini tidaklah mudah. Sebagai seorang mahasiswa yang memiliki jadwal perkuliahan yang padat dan tanggung jawab lainnya, Ancilla harus mengalokasikan waktu ekstra untuk latihan tari, memperdalam pemahaman tentang latar belakang tari tersebut serta berkoordinasi dengan tim tari. 

Namun, hasil dari persiapan yang sulit tersebut terbayar dengan memuaskan. Ketika Ancilla dan empat mahasiswa lainnya berada di panggung, semua latihan dan persiapan tersebut terbayar lunas. Ketika Ancilla mulai menari di depan para penonton dari berbagai belahan dunia, kepercayaan dirinya dan keahliannya dalam menampilkan Tari Jaipong menjadi terlihat jelas.

Penerimaan hangat dari penonton, sorak sorai, dan tepukan tangan yang gemuruh menjadi bukti nyata bahwa upaya Ancilla dalam mempersembahkan budaya Indonesia telah sukses. Kesenangan yang dirasakan Ancilla melihat penghargaan dan apresiasi yang diberikan oleh para penonton tak ternilai, mengingat semua kerja keras dan pengorbanan yang telah dia lakukan selama persiapan.

Dalam kepuasan ini, Ancilla juga merasakan dampak positif yang dihasilkan oleh budaya Indonesia yang dia bawa. Tidak hanya sebagai hiburan semata, Tari Gambyong telah membuka pintu bagi penonton internasional untuk lebih memahami dan menghargai kekayaan budaya Indonesia. Ini adalah bukti konkret bahwa persiapan yang sulit adalah langkah awal yang penting menuju kesuksesan dan pencapaian yang memuaskan dalam memperkenalkan budaya negara kepada dunia.

Tidak hanya itu, penampilan ini tidak berhenti hanya pada apresiasi dari para penonton. Dalam sebuah pengumuman yang menggetarkan hati, Indonesia berhasil meraih penghargaan sebagai pemenang nomor satu untuk kategori Best Performance dalam acara International Students Cultural Showcase tersebut. Kemenangan ini menjadi sorotan bagi Indonesia dalam kancah internasional sebagai negara yang kaya akan kebudayaan dan seni yang memukau. Hal ini juga menjadi momentum yang penting untuk terus memperkuat pemahaman lintas budaya, menjembatani kesenjangan antarbangsa, dan meningkatkan apresiasi terhadap keanekaragaman budaya di seluruh dunia.


Achmad Munandar

Kamis, 07 Maret 2024

Crossing Borders and Building Bridges: My Journey with the Indonesian International Student Mobility Programme at Universiti Malaya

Loetju.idAs an international student from Indonesia studying business management at Universiti Malaya (UM), the revolutionary potential offered by the Indonesian International Student Mobility Programme (IISMA) have had a significant impact on my educational experience. This scholarship programme serves as a beacon of academic achievement and cross-cultural exchange, allowing Indonesian students to pursue higher education at one of Malaysia's leading academic institutions.

The Indonesian International Student Mobility Programme (IISMA) is a collaborative initiative between the Indonesian and Malaysian governments to encourage academic mobility and strengthen bilateral ties via education. Through this programme, Indonesian students can spend one semester at UM, getting access to world-class education and cultural immersion opportunities.

For me, my experience with IISMA at UM has been nothing short of fascinating. As a business management student, I began my academic journey with a single goal in mind: to grasp the complexities of corporate strategy and market analysis. However, the multifaceted character of the IISMA study has exposed me to a wide range of academic and cultural experiences, extending my views and developing my respect for the interconnection of global knowledge networks. The IISMA journey is built on a dedication to academic achievement and multidisciplinary engagement. I've got the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge research and innovative methods at UM, broadening my academic experience and arming me with the skills needed to handle the intricacies of the modern business environment.

Furthermore, the IISMA programme has fostered cultural interchange, which has helped to create a sense of global citizenship and cross-cultural understanding. Interacting with students from various cultural origins has extended my perspectives and challenged conventional beliefs, creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and intellectual curiosity. In addition, the IISMA adventure at UM has offered several chances for personal and professional development. Participating in local volunteering and workshops, as well as community outreach programmes, has allowed me to broaden my network, acquire essential leadership abilities, and make a significant contribution to the campus community and beyond.

Although Malaysians and Indonesians understand each other well, there are still linguistic and cultural hurdles between us. Malaysia's diverse linguistic landscape, which includes Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil, and many indigenous languages, may surprise Indonesian students accustomed to learning in a mostly Indonesian language environment. This linguistic variation reflects Malaysian society's diverse makeup and emphasises the importance of language in preserving the country's distinct cultural identities.

Malaysia's multicultural fusion also impressed me, particularly the blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and indigenous cultures, each of which contributes unique features to the larger cultural context. The ethnic mix in Malaysia may be an exciting and eye-opening experience for Indonesian exchange students, from the many gourmet options to the numerous religious customs and festivals observed. I was particularly startled by the prominence of Chinese culture in Malaysia, which is closely linked to Malay culture. This fusion may be visible in a multitude of forms, including language, food, and traditional rituals, resulting in a distinct cultural identity apart from Indonesia's mostly Malay culture. Their food, rich and diversified, inspired by numerous cultural traditions, may astound Indonesian students with its unique flavors, spices, and culinary methods. Exploring foods like nasi lemak, char kway teow, and roti canai can be a joyful and unexpected experience, demonstrating the confluence of many culinary traditions within Malaysian culture.

Although Indonesia is a Muslim-majority country, the practice of Islam in Malaysia differs in several ways. Certain places of Malaysia, particularly in more conservative states, follow stricter interpretations of Islamic traditions and practices, which may contrast with Indonesia's more diversified and tolerant religious practices. This might include distinct social conventions, clothing rules, and religious practices that some Indonesian visitors may not be familiar with. For women in Malaysia, there are far stricter enforcement of dress codes for women, such as the expectation to wear modest clothing that cover the arms and legs. While it is relevant that Malaysia have far stricter dress codes for women (New Strait Times, 2023), some women who are dress freely do not receive the same treatment in the streets as they are in other countries. Here, there are fewer and almost to none catcalls and/or harassments. I have experienced many instances of going out at night in the streets of Kuala Lumpur alone, and felt safe enough than in my home country.

As an international student from Indonesia, I am sincerely appreciative for the opportunity provided by the Indonesian International Student Mobility Programme (IISMA). This scholarship programme has not only allowed me to pursue my academic goals, but it has also prepared me to be a global citizen, armed with the information, skills, and cultural competences required to flourish in an increasingly linked world. The Indonesian International Student Mobility Programme (IISMA) experience at Universiti Malaya shows education's transforming capacity in promoting academic achievement, cross-cultural understanding, and international collaboration. As an international student from Indonesia studying business management, I am pleased to be a part of this lively academic community, where barriers are broken down and brains are empowered to make a better future for future generations.

Name: Vaneza Tadzkia Radhwa
NIM: 12010120190089
Major: Management
Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Business

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Navigating the Unseen Challenges as a Mobility Student When people envision the life of a mobility student, they frequently emphasize the positive aspects, yet there's always a flip side that can leave you feeling like the ground beneath you is constantly shifting, accompanied by its unique set of challenges and difficulties. Nevertheless, in the end, the experience is truly invaluable, offering a wealth of knowledge and growth opportunities that are exclusive to being a mobility student. In this opportunity, I would like to share my journey with you.

Radiating rapture, my emotions soared as I stepped into Kuala Lumpur, to commence my once in a lifetime IISMA experience. Grantly, the first few days of the IISMA experience was quite hectic as administrative obligations kept us busy back and forth to finish our VISA process. The excitement of finishing the VISA process was then quickly damped when we realized that not everyone could get the courses we initially wanted. For me personally, I felt quite frustrated as I was only able to enroll in one class, and my home university’s international office kept pushing me about the courses I needed for conversion at Universiti Malaya. I had to reach out to each course lecturer personally to request to join their class, but unfortunately, most of them had to decline my request for various reasons. Currently, I've successfully enrolled in three courses, but I still need one more as we needed to take four courses for the IISMA program. 

In my first week of academic life here, I encountered some difficulty in grasping the material in certain classes, mainly due to the lecturer's accent. It took me a bit of time and a heightened level of concentration to adapt and catch up with what I had initially missed. In the second week of my academic journey, during the E-Commerce course, we were tasked with a group assignment that is due the following week. I promptly organized a scheduled group discussion for this task to which during the group discussion, most of the group members were actively engaged and offered a valuable insight. Although two members of the group did not participate, I considered this group discussion a remarkable success.

Of course, my journey here isn’t solely centered on academics, I have also actively involved myself in a variety of social events. One of the events that left a lasting impression on me is 'MAGNET.' This event provided me with the chance to meet and connect with international students in Malaysia. This event united international students with prominent figures in the education sector, including the Director General of Higher Education from the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. Each university that participated in this event gets to choose a country to represent and showcase its unique culture. We were honored to represent Indonesia and served as cultural ambassadors. Embracing our role, we introduced the richness of our culture through food, games, and music, and even shared Indonesian souvenirs with fellow international students from around the world.
Image 1: With Somali international students.

While there are numerous other captivating stories from my journey that I would love to share, the ones recounted here offer a glimpse into the tapestry of experiences that define my life at IISMA. The journey through IISMA has not only been an opportunity for personal and academic growth but also a transformative experience that I hold dear. 

In reflection, my journey through IISMA has been a transformative experience, one that I will cherish and immensely grateful for. Although the initial excitement of embarking this new chapter in my life can be overwhelming, it’s the unexpected challenges that have provided me the most profound tests of resilience and adaptability. It is clear to me that the journey through IISMA is a multifaceted one, filled with its ups and downs, but for me personally, it’s these fluctuations that makes it more valuable as they all have contributed in shaping me to become the person I am today and will continue to embrace the unknown challenges and opportunities that lies ahead.

Name: Sandrichi Romeo Karnadi 
NIM: 12030120190116
Major: Accounting
Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Business
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Radiating the Warmness of Kampung Halaman: Representasi Kebudayaan Indonesia oleh Awardees IISMA Universiti Malaya 2023


Loetju.idImagine 70 students from all corners of Indonesia coming together at Universiti Malaya, Malaysia, like a melting pot of cultures. As exchange students overseas, our mission transcends academics. We aim to illuminate the richness of Indonesia’s culture and diversity in our host country. We consider ourselves lucky to have people with different cultural backgrounds, making it possible for us to elaborate more on each other’s perspectives and knowledge about Indonesia’s vast archipelago. 

Within two weeks of our journey, we proudly represented Indonesia in the 'Meet & Greet' with International Students in Malaysia (MAGNET) 2023, a prestigious event organized by Universiti Putra Malaysia in collaboration with Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi (KPT) and Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). This gathering brought together international students from various Malaysian universities and esteemed guests, including Prof. Dr. Azlinda Azman, Malaysia’s Director-General of Higher Education.

In the spirit of Malaysia’s inclusive ethos, each participating university was tasked with showcasing a unique national culture. And guess what? We got to showcase Indonesia! Our booth was a mini-Indonesia, featuring traditional games, attire, batik, our currency, and of course, mouth-watering Indonesian snacks! We were honored to illuminate Indonesia’s vibrant heritage at Universiti Malaya’s booth, especially knowing that UM is among the top three universities in Southeast Asia.

Strategically located at the entrance of the building, our booth attracted a lot of attention from the attendees. Many people appreciated our booth for its stunning presence, which also led them to enthusiastically learn about Indonesia’s culture through the presentations we provided publicly and discussions with our members. We even had a spontaneous ice-breaking session where we sang and danced to Javanese koplo in our booth. It was a superb experience to see people from different countries gathered around our booth, passionately moving their bodies to the dangdut rhythm.

Alongside the enchanting booth displays, our experience was elevated during a sumptuous fine dining event where we shared a meal with hundreds of individuals from different countries. The air was alive with the energy of cultural performances, each meticulously prepared by representatives from around the globe. I fondly remember our table joining in, trying to sing along with the melodies of the songs performed.

As an Indonesian passionate about arts and culture, my IISMA 2023 journey has broadened my knowledge of cross-cultural understanding, with this event being the most impactful one for me by far.


Name: Alifa Nasya Ramadhani
NIM: 14050120130047
Major: International Relations
Faculty: Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Minggu, 24 Desember 2023

Rafly Umar Mahasiswa KKN Tematik UNDIP Mengadakan Pelatihan Bahasa Inggris Di Rumah Susun Sederhana Sewa (Rusunawa) Universitas Diponegoro - Pelatihan bahasa inggris adalah program pembelajaran bahasa inggris dasar yang dilaksanakan oleh Rafly Umar sebagai salah satu Anggota Tim KKN Tematik Rusunawa Undip. Pada pelatihan bahasa inggris ini difokuskan dalam melatih kemampuan speaking, reading, spelling dan grammar. Sebanyak 10 Staff Rusunawa dan 6 penghuni Rusunawa mendapatkan pelatihan bahasa Inggris di Gedung A Rusunawa Undip Jln. Prof Sudarto. Tembalang, Semarang.

Pelatihan ini dilaksanakan sebanyak 2 kali pertemuan yakni pada pertemuan pertama hari Jumat, 15 Desember 2023 dan pada pertemuan kedua hari Selasa, 19 Desember 2023 di ruang pertemuan Gedung A Rusunawa Universitas Diponegoro dengan Kak Frida sebagai pelatih. Ia merupakan Mahasiswi Polines Semarang. Sasaran peserta dari kegiatan ini adalah staff rusunawa maupun mahasiswa undip yang tinggal di rusunawa. Kegiatan ini bertujuan agar:

• Mempermudah dalam berkomunikasi dengan warga negara asing menggunakan bahasa inggris.

• Melatih kemampuan berbahasa inggris secara fasih.

• Meningkatkan vocabulary dan grammar.

Pelatihan ini dapat meningkatkan skill bahasa asing bagi staff rusunawa undip karena skill bahasa asing terutama bahasa Inggris, punya peranan penting dalam mempromosikan atau berdialog sehari-hari dengan penduduk rusunawa Undip.

Oleh karenanya, melalui pelatihan bahasa Inggris ini diharapkan akan meningkatkan kemampuan staff rusunawa atau penduduk rusunawa dalam berkomunikasi menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Baik dalam merepresentasikan dan mengenalkan fasilitas rusunawa maupun dalam memberikan pelayanan kepada penghuni.

Muhammad Rafly Attaqqi Umar

Ilmu Hukum

Achmad Munandar

Triyono, S.H., M.Kn.

Lokasi KKN: 
Rumah Susun Sederhana Sewa (Rusunawa) Universitas Diponegoro

Sabtu, 09 September 2023

Maseta Wraps Up the Month With Brand New Single Agustus Lagi


Loetju.idEast Jakarta based singer-songwriter, Maseta concludes August 2023 by releasing an upbeat single titled “Agustus Lagi”.  Inspired by his very own love life, “Agustus Lagi” becomes a celebratory tune about going full circle with his significant other; an anniversary. The single acts as his diary of conflicts, pleasures, and lessons gained from his romantic relationship. 

Following the rollout of “Odp” in July, Maseta will compile released singles into a debut album delivered fully in Bahasa Indonesia. Previously, Maseta has had 2 EP’s released, Maseta (2019) and Perfect Weather (2020), while also being involved in Sun Eater’s Sounds Cute, Might Delete Later with “Takjil” (2021). Aside from self-producing his music, Maseta took on the role as music director in a theater production “Mulang Ka Asal” by PPIA Victoria earlier this year. 

A personal touch in his writing facilitates Maseta to bring along his listeners into the dynamics of his relationship. The line “konflik dihadang berdua, gantian cari perkara, besok juga baik-baik saja” towards the end of the chorus, implies the occasionally tumultuous nature of his relationship. The stories that are adapted into his lyrics are simple, but very close to everyday occurrences, e.g., ‘accidentally’ leaving a belonging as an excuse to see each other the next day, being drained after walking  long distance under the scorching sun, and counting days to finally  see a darling. 

Unlike the laid back mood that are felt in the previous releases, “Agustus Lagi” is coloured by synthesizers sounds and powerful drum hits that accommodates the sanguine and anthemic song. ”I wanted to diversify the moods of my songs, to suit the phases that I’ve gone through in my life. I want to perfectly capture every ups and downs of my day  and like any other adolescent, I’m barely settling.” he stated. Aligned with the themed carried in “Agustus Lagi”, Maseta visualizes his thrilling  juvenile love journey through the uptempo number. “I imagined a couple running around happily, ignoring all burdens and just happy to have each other’s company,” he added.  “Agustus Lagi” is available on all digital streaming platform on 30 August 2023. 

Rabu, 26 Juli 2023

G.A.T.E Welcome You To Their Universe with “Giants Among The Elders” Music Video - G.A.T.E, a rising virtual band that consists of Juno Chapel (vocal, guitar), Ben Waller (bass) and Hana Takahashi (drum) welcome you to the G.A.T.E-verse with their first ever music video for “Giants Among The Elders''. The unit which was first introduced through @suneatercoven on Instagram used the opportunity to introduce each member, their personal traits, go-to bite and favorite hangout place in this music video produced by Sun Eater Studio in collaboration with Monocá collective. 

“The main plot of this music video is an intro as a new band. Who we are, what we like, and where we’re from. Like a brief get-to-know us visual for those who have heard of us or those who barely knew G.A.T.E. So the concept is similar to an old band video that showed us jamming, hanging out, nothing too serious haha,” said Ben Waller, the eldest in this band. Ben added that besides an introduction, you can also see them on a quest to look for the best Betawinese Soto in town that turned out to be proudly cooked by himself. 

When asked whether there’s correlation between this dish and their philosophy as a band, they jokingly answered that there’s no specific reason. Juno comically uttered “Ben could find hundreds of philosophies on this topic. But for me as an analogy, I could be the meat, Uncle Ben could be the innards, and Hana could act as the veggies in this bowl of Soto Betawi…hahahahah! You should try Ben’s Soto Betawi which is UNMATCHED!”

Directed by Sahid Permana, the video for “Giants Among The Elders” provides a blend of Jakarta and G.A.T.E’s universe with the trio seamlessly showcased the best of both worlds. They unanimously choose Blok-M as their favorite go-to place in Jakarta for various reasons. “I love the new literacy park!” said Hana excitedly. She stated record stores and secondhand book stores at Blok M mall is one of the places that you could find her wandering alone. 

The interconnecting public transportation access also plays a big role on why this area becomes the favorite of this trio. Ben further added that Blok M’s vibrant and bustling atmosphere could represent Jakarta’s old and current eras. “There’s this retro feeling of Jakarta, but at the same time we could still feel the connection to a modern city that is moving forward. 

There’s an overlapping vibe of time periods that is manifested by many modern cafés, old establishments, and a terminal that sees people come and go. As a place that used to become the center of Japanese culture or ‘Japan District’ back in the days, it’s a no-brainer for Juno and Hana who’s known as fans of this culture, to fall in love with this place,” Ben said.

The trio who decided to form a band after a unique encounter of Ben and Juno in a convenience store, collaborated with a renowned band in Indonesia, which is Sasa. G.A.T.E. feel that the values and spirit of Sasa that always spread positivity for everyone, is suitable with their vision and music core. 

Vice versa, Sasa feels that the dream and spirit of G.A.T.E. in making music, adds refreshing value in spreading happiness. As a big fan of Ben’s culinary creation, Juno also said that cooking and eating have become an escape for the band when they hit a wall while trying to find melodies, lyrics, or arrangements for their songs. Hence, Sasa has always been an accompaniment for their journey as musicians. 

G.A.T.E’s universe won’t stop on this music video, as the band slightly hinted that there will be an expanding visual form in which we could get to know more about their back story and future plans. “Of course there will be more visuals from us, just so you wait! Actually all of our journeys are presented through our Instagram page, so hit the follow button and you’ll find our stories there. Psst, the admin is a very mysterious being,” said Juno as Hana added that everyone could tell that Juno is the man behind their social media. 

The wisest of the bunch, Ben, playfully spilled that they desperately need content people to help them develop their stories as web series or short stories. While doing so, he said that G.A.T.E is currently preparing their second single so the listeners should be looking forward to it. In the meantime, the video for “Giants Among The Elders” is ready to be enjoyed on the band’s official Youtube account on July 17th, 2023. 

Jumat, 07 Juli 2023

Taiwanese Soloist Mandark Releases Album "BADA88" in Indonesia Exclusively via Sun Eater - Mandark, the indie musician and singer-songwriter from Taiwan, previously known as the lead vocalist and keyboardist of the indie bands Sweet John and I Mean Us, has made a name for herself in the mainstream Chinese music scene over the past few years. 

She has also been active in various renowned international indie scenes, performing at events such as SXSW, Busan Rock Festival, and Audiotree Live. With her rich creative energy, Mandark has not been content with the achievements of her bands. 

Over the past year, she has delved inward to explore her true self. Confronting her anxieties and desires head-on, this introspection has given birth to her first solo album, "BADA88." (read: Badass) that’s released on 30th June 2023.

The album embodies a firm belief – Mandark's journey to discovering her unique charm and finding infinite love and freedom along the way.

"BADA88" was produced by Fortune Coookie Records, a production team that has won multiple Golden Melody Awards (Mandarin Grammy Awards), and released in collaboration with Indonesian label Sun Eater. The album encompasses various genres such as indie pop, synth-pop, R&B, and alternative. 

While primarily featuring English lyrics, it also includes Japanese and Korean elements. The tracklist includes the catchy and upbeat "Sushi," the UK garage-style "8ODY," the dance-filled music video "DALIDA," and the introspective and emotional song "Dying to Hurt You,". These eight tracks showcase Mandark's ambition to expand her presence across Asia.

Within Mandark's music, you will discover a resonation within your own heart. As you rediscover yourself, you will emanate an irresistible charm that attracts the people you love.

Minggu, 19 Maret 2023

Slowanderer Presents Tropical House Music on Debut Single “You Should” featuring Saladdays -  The EDM scene of Indonesia has welcomed a newcomer whose moniker is Slowanderer. The musician behind this solo project is also known as Jul and he just debuted with a brand new single called “You Should”. In his first feature, he would love to introduce himself to casual music listeners as an EDM producer who collaborates with duo Saladdays. “You Should'' is sung in English and chronicles an unrequited love from someone who chooses to hide his/her feelings towards a loved one. 

Anxiety and lack of bravery have kept the feelings shut deep down inside this person’s heart which led to the inspiration behind the song’s lyrics. Saladdays, who are known as twin musicians composed of Aliya (vocal) and Amel (guitar) also helped to create this song as what Slowanderer envisioned it to be. “Aliya’s innocent yet subtle vocal matched my vision on how this song would sound like, and Amel could fill in the lead guitar part as I expected,” said Slowanderer about his decision to have Saladdays on board as collaborators.

Digging deeper about this song, the musician who resides in Malang, East Java said that he is greatly influenced by Tropical house, a sub genre of EDM. This genre combines a lot of fun and relaxing vibe and sounds, although its lyrics might be on the contrary. Musicians of this sub-genre like Kygo, Hogland, Syn Cole, Mike Perry, as well as Nora Van Elken have become the muses behind Slowanderer’s project. 

Among those musicians, Kygo became the prime inspiration for “You Should” which was mixed and mastered by The Undogmatic, a Portugal-based sound engineer. The song was recorded by Rama Studio, and it becomes more visually appealing with the help of Kevkaesque who created the artwork.

Jul as the man behind Slowanderer is no stranger in the music industry since he has already ventured the ups and down of Indonesia’s music scene with alternative rock band, Tirant. Despite his rock band endeavor, Jul’s love for EDM has led him to a previous project called Pinecone with fellow collaborator Erwin, together they release 3 singles. However, Pinecone didn’t last long and it didn’t dissipate Jul’s passion for EDM until Slowanderer was born in 2023. 

Through this project, he aims to do a lot of exploration in terms of music, sound, and live performances. “As an entertainer, my ultimate goal is to entertain. In the scope of music, I aim to please the listeners. So, in the meantime my goal as Slowanderer is to make many songs that can be enjoyed by the listeners. The next step after this debut is… making another song of course!” said Slowanderer. “You Should” is officially released on digital streaming platforms from March 17th, 2023. Enjoy the vibe!



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