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Minggu, 19 Maret 2023

Slowanderer Presents Tropical House Music on Debut Single “You Should” featuring Saladdays -  The EDM scene of Indonesia has welcomed a newcomer whose moniker is Slowanderer. The musician behind this solo project is also known as Jul and he just debuted with a brand new single called “You Should”. In his first feature, he would love to introduce himself to casual music listeners as an EDM producer who collaborates with duo Saladdays. “You Should'' is sung in English and chronicles an unrequited love from someone who chooses to hide his/her feelings towards a loved one. 

Anxiety and lack of bravery have kept the feelings shut deep down inside this person’s heart which led to the inspiration behind the song’s lyrics. Saladdays, who are known as twin musicians composed of Aliya (vocal) and Amel (guitar) also helped to create this song as what Slowanderer envisioned it to be. “Aliya’s innocent yet subtle vocal matched my vision on how this song would sound like, and Amel could fill in the lead guitar part as I expected,” said Slowanderer about his decision to have Saladdays on board as collaborators.

Digging deeper about this song, the musician who resides in Malang, East Java said that he is greatly influenced by Tropical house, a sub genre of EDM. This genre combines a lot of fun and relaxing vibe and sounds, although its lyrics might be on the contrary. Musicians of this sub-genre like Kygo, Hogland, Syn Cole, Mike Perry, as well as Nora Van Elken have become the muses behind Slowanderer’s project. 

Among those musicians, Kygo became the prime inspiration for “You Should” which was mixed and mastered by The Undogmatic, a Portugal-based sound engineer. The song was recorded by Rama Studio, and it becomes more visually appealing with the help of Kevkaesque who created the artwork.

Jul as the man behind Slowanderer is no stranger in the music industry since he has already ventured the ups and down of Indonesia’s music scene with alternative rock band, Tirant. Despite his rock band endeavor, Jul’s love for EDM has led him to a previous project called Pinecone with fellow collaborator Erwin, together they release 3 singles. However, Pinecone didn’t last long and it didn’t dissipate Jul’s passion for EDM until Slowanderer was born in 2023. 

Through this project, he aims to do a lot of exploration in terms of music, sound, and live performances. “As an entertainer, my ultimate goal is to entertain. In the scope of music, I aim to please the listeners. So, in the meantime my goal as Slowanderer is to make many songs that can be enjoyed by the listeners. The next step after this debut is… making another song of course!” said Slowanderer. “You Should” is officially released on digital streaming platforms from March 17th, 2023. Enjoy the vibe!

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